It is the process of converting documents into electronic images. But that's not it, through the process, the systems will ingrain the feature of Document Conversion understanding and Document Indexing to facilitate the extraction of information from the electronic image.
The key to a good document imaging solution is the ability to understand the letters and characters found in the image. This is one of the areas where RxP proved to be the market leading solution for document imaging.

In today's world, though with the advanced technology that most companies are equipped, they have piles and piles of paper documents, rows after rows of overstuffed file cabinets. Our research shows that most offices today allocate about 10% - 15% of the office space to files and papers. We dare to say that most of the documents in the office today are not being used frequently after they have been filed. One of the reasons for keeping the documents in the office is because documents MAYBE required but not sure when they are required. And it's kept in the office for the sake of keeping it. If it's the sake of keeping it, so why don't we convert these documents to digital forms? The advantages of converting them to digital forms will definitely outweigh any other unfavourable reasons.

It may seem too daunting to turn all your documents to digital forms, but through RxP, we will help to create savings, efficiency and improve your document management system to your organization.

Be it appointing us to help your company setup a department or outsourcing your document problems to us, we can handle small to large scale projects.

What are the advantages?
Work efficiency, time freeing up office space, better office image, improved document management, happier employees, zero or low capital investment, no manpower issues

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