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RxP existing clientele ranges from Marine industry, Advertising firms, Accounting firms, Retail Stores and many more! Each company comes with their own special needs and requirements

At RxP, we pride ourselves for our excellent response time, trained professionals, exceptional customer service with a personal touch.

We firmly believe that all companies are unique and have individual systems within the same environment. Adopting the policy of customizing each company's IT maintenance plans to meet its specific needs has benefited many companies, allowing them the flexibility of tailoring IT services to suit their organization's IT infrastructure, this results in increased productivity and efficiency within your corporate budget.

Many organizations that believe their network or workstations never fail so easily and can possibly last forever also believes that IT Maintenance is not necessary. As a result, their corporate assets are seldom maintained and all services needed are based on Ad-Hoc basis. Ad-Hoc basis services is costly both in the unproductive downtime and the hourly charges especially if the engineer is not familiar with the IT Infrastructure . However, cost is not the only problem.

Other noteable issues includes:

  • Response time - Usually vendors only respond upon confirmation of service quote that might take sometimes more than a day and subjected to engineer availability.
  • Reduced Productivity - 99% of office related work is done on a workstation. No computer usually means no work done.
  • Engineers unfamiliar with your infrastructure takes a longer time to troubleshoot the workstations.

Ask yourself these questions before you say it's not worth it:

  • How important is it to ensure minimum network or workstation downtime?
  • Does my staff have the expertise to consistently support the entire corporate infrastructure when problems arise?
  • Can I afford to lose data when disaster happens?
  • What is the best use of my staff's time and expertise?
  • Can I afford to lose any business opportunities in the event of a disaster?

Drop us a call at 6767 5050 or an email at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. now and we will arrange for an evaluation at your premises free of charge. We're here to help not just your company but your business as well.

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