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RxP is an Internet marketing consultancy with vast experience for Pay-Per-Click Marketing in multiple industries. We specialize in Google's Adwords Pay-Per-Click Marketing. With Google Adwords, you'll be able to tap into the largest online marketing platform in the world.

Google Adwords enables you to place your ads on Google search engine and its extensive advertising network including Google Maps, Youtube, Gmail and local sites like,,, and more...


Features of Google Adwords:

Ads shown only to interested customers who searched for your products or services

Pay only when a customer clicks on your adsAdvertise within your budget
Text, Image, Animated Image, Video ad formats
Target by country, demographics, interest

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Google Search results:

Ads appear on the top and on the right when customers search for you. You'll only get clicks that match customers' interest and your products/services.

Ad positions

YouTube Advertising:

Image ads appear in video or on various positions (Shown Below). YouTube is now averaging 2 Billion video views per day worldwide and 5% of the time spent on the internet is spent on YouTube.

YouTube Ad


Mobile Phone Search and Apps:

Text and image ads are very prominent on the small area on mobile phones.

Smartphone users regularly spend at least 90 minutes a day using apps or browsing the internet. Reach your customers on iPhone, Android, Windows Mobile etc.

Mobile Ad

Google Pie Chart


Google Display Network:

Text, image and video ads appear on the Google Display Network which covers 90% of the internet in over 100 countries and languages on hundreds of thousands of sites across the web including local sites like,,,

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